Our Allies Are Stupefied Both The President And Vice-President Haven't Been Impeached Already


As Americans, we are very proud of our heritage, but I wonder what future generations will think if we sit idly by and do nothing when we actually do know the truth, that the White House knew there were no weapons of mass destruction. The United States of America is plagued with continual mission creep and increasing cost with no retribution in sight. We were told that Iraq, presently sitting on top of two trillion gallons of unrefined crude, would be able to pay for its own reconstruction. Three years ago, the Administration had that specific proposal before it and failed to pursue it because it was a Democratic idea. This Administration has never vetoed a spending bill and we are over eight trillion dollars in debt, mismanagement, you bet.

Remember the Downing Street Memo? It was just swept under the table. The normal response by this White House is change the theme and fire anybody who disagrees with their official version. Enough is enough. There are 1000 days left, honesty, integrity and trust really do matter. I will stand up for the truth, please join me in cleaning up Washington.

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Our current Congressman has forgotten about the working people of this district. With your help, Sanders can and will win this election -- and then the people of the Third District will have a Congressman who really understands their needs and concerns. Thanks again for your interest in the campaign and don't forget :
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